What Is The Metaverse (And How To Hack Metaverse Marketing)

Metaverse: The Next Evolution Of The Internet

Facebook set the world on fire with a strategic rebranding to Meta. Now an avalanche of companies, including your own, are asking this: what is the metaverse?

Before you continue this post and your research let us say congratulations, because you’re on the path to successfully marketing into the future.

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Understanding The Metaverse

Tech companies are increasingly investing into metaverse platforms and underlying technologies.

At the end of the day, the metaverse is the evolution of the internet to an even more connected human experience between

The metaverse is a world of virtual communities where people can meet, collaborate, work and play using:

  • virtual reality (VR) headsets
  • augmented reality (AR) glasses
  • smartphone apps or other devices

Metaverse is a broad term, but you can think of it as taking the 2D world of the internet and splashing it into 3D. 

Instead of inviting your colleagues into your room via Zoom, the metaverse will allow you to go inside a virtual environment and meet up with people in a digital hub. So you’ll put on a headset and enter a digital workplace or project a friend into your living room to play virtual chess. 

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

The metaverse will open up a whole new world of products just like how the smartphone introduced a new ecosystem with phone apps. 

But virtual worlds have existed on the internet for decades, branded as video games or social platforms.

What is the metaverse in terms of ROI? The virtual reality market size is projected to boom in the next few years.


IMVU is a social networking platform that has users make online avatars and virtually meet people. It was founded in 2004. Second Life is a similar platform. It was created in 2003. Gaming platform Roblox has an entire ecosystem of community building and started in 2006. 

These niche worlds that existed in specific gaming communities were a precursor to how life will look as technology progresses. 

With virtual reality hardware, users are transported inside of the virtual lands. They can now be fully immersed in these digital experiences. People are no longer extending themselves into games. VR has made it possible to get a full experience. That’s only a part of the whole.

Remember Pokemon Go? That’s augmented reality, or AR, but with your phone as the experiential tool. The next step to the metaverse will come in the form of wearables like glasses or even contact lenses. 

Augmented reality brings that virtual world and plants it in the physical world. AR technology lets people hang out in their friends room when they’re miles away from each other. 

Meta’s visualization of playing hologram chess.

A real-time virtual representation of your out-of-state buddy will be sitting right next to you on the couch. Just like they would be in the physical world. 

How Blockchain Technology Is Involved

Blockchain-based virtual worlds bring ownership into the metaverse equation. As you traverse these online worlds with your digital avatar, you can verify that certain parts of those worlds are yours. 

Virtual worlds like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels allow you to own plots of land, buildings, and items as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Blockchain technology makes it possible to track digital ownership. 

You can own a piece of land just like physical real estate where you can host events, advertise your company, or even rent out a space. Host a digital art gallery, stream your event live, or put on a conference. 

A New Year’s Eve Party in Decentraland with DJ and producer RAC performing live.

These plots of lands have been valued at prices as high as $280,000. People are theorizing that the rush to buy virtual land is akin to buying domain names in the early internet days. There land supply is scarce and with more people congregating in these platforms, parcels will be highly sought after.

How To Market In The Metaverse

Ultimately, the metaverse is just the next step in the internet and media. There used to be a few channels on television sets and the radio, then there were websites and apps, and then social media. 

The metaverse is the immersive experience of connecting via the web. And just like any other new advancements in technology, being at the forefront will put your business ahead of the rest.

Continue your journey of knowledge into the metaverse and you’ll have an edge in your market. If you’d like guidance from experts and implementation of metaverse marketing strategies for your brand, Adobe House is always here to bring you the best results

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