#224 – TikTok Versus Verzuz

#224 - TikTok Versus Verzuz

It’s YOUR BOY, Colin the show note-writing rabbit. I’m a rabbit, I listen to the podcast, YOUR favorite podcast, and I write ‘lil notes innit. I’m a rabbit, too. Talk about an asset, talk about VALUE! 

We go through Verzuz. Gucci laughed at Jeezy’s dead friend. But the dead friend was sent out on a hit on Jeezy. Should I be talking about this at all? Is it my business? No. I’m a rabbit. Human business isn’t rabbit business, but that’s what I’m on board at R&B, brought to you by Adobe House. 

New media. You heard the boys talk about it. The VMA’s and the AMA’s were all overpowered by Verzuz. It’s a attention shift, and we find it interesting.

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