#218 – Jake And Amir And Shay Carl

#218 - Jake And Amir And Shay Carl

What a show we have for you tonight ladies and gentlemen. It is I, Colin the show note-writing rabbit, and we got you the best darn show we can give to you.
Before we get into the juicy deets, we got new merch on http://adobehouse.live/store! If you didn’t know, Adobe House is the umbrella to this whole shabang, and it’s the best media empire on the face of the planet. Suck one Murdoch! Eat it Perry! 
Today we talk about the relationship pyramid. What is it? A super analytical theory to choose who you’re going to hunker down with relationship-wise. It’s kind of weird because the guy that talks about it on Tik Tok, Bill Beteet, has the criteria down to a very specific time allotted to his partner. We thought that was kind of weird. But it does bring up the conversation of havig a deep thought about who you’re going out with. Something to chew on. 
We also get fun with media. We’re big media dudes. We love content. We love entertainment. We love winning your time. (P.S. check out our YouTube for full video of the pod https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnZ0sJduz2x51jVX79O024w. P.P.S. check out http://instagram.com/rickerandbon for more fun byte sized clips of the pods and hella memes). We get into the lovely winners and losers of YouTube. Rhett and Link. Shaytards. Shay Carl, who is that Shaytards. Jake and Amir. And Amir’s dirty ass Shure Sm7b. 
Enjoy y’all. 

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