#217 – Death By Tree

#217 - Death By Tree

It’s your boy, Colin the show note-writing rabbit. I’m kind of tired right now, to be honest, so there’s nothing stopping me from telling you, the beloved listener and watcher, that this episode was kind of all over the place. 

First, there was some audio stuff. But it made for a comedic intro, so that’s fun. 

Then, we literally cannot go to sleep unless there is a president decided. We tear our hair out over here at R&B unless we know who rules our lives and wives. So, there’s that. 

And. That’s is basically. But we go into the presidential election, sort of kind of, the California Props that passed, and some fun anecdotes that let you know that we’re human.

Uber drivers are still independent contractors. That probably means Uber and Lyft save a bunch of money because they spent a bunch of money on it. It’s Prop 22 if you’re wondering. California only. Sorry Miami. 

Yeah, I’m going to sleep. Colin out. 

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