#215 – Kanye West Gives Kim Kardashian Her Dead Father’s Hologram

#215 - Kanye West Gives Kim Kardashian Her Dead Father's Hologram

A rousing episode for the fakest fans on earth, those who love R&B the most. It’s Ricker and Bon coming at you like an asteroid that has no conscious feelings and WILL take out that little bitch Earth whether it knows it has habitable life on it or not. Today we’re coming at you from all sides. Kanye West gave his loving wife Kim Kardashian a Dead Father Hologram. Does he know what her father was like? Absolutely not. Did he think maybe this will not come off the way I intend it to, with love and compassion, but rather with disgust and the uncanny valley will echo her deep childhood trauma caused by her father’s death? Absolutely not. He just made that bitch a hologram because he got it like that. A very touching gesture. We talk about the upcoming United States Elections coming up. Alongside Trump versus Biden we got stem cell research. The guy from Pineapple Express is for it! Whatever that means to you. And we go on the search for the perfect Ricker and Bon intro song. If you got the chops we need, send us a message on http://instagram.com/rickerandbon @rickerandbon on Instagram. We want it baby!

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