#214 – Forehead Tattoos

#214 - Forehead Tattoos

Another great episode for you cats and cartoons today, it’s episode 213, and it’s I, Colin the show note-writing rabbit. I’m here to talk to you about the dangers of not going over to http://instagram.com/rickerandbon and saying “@rickerandbon, I love your pods, and they make me happy and informed, ready to push on to the next day.” If you don’t do that simple, simple task, ladies and gentleman, the sky will turn black. No sun will be able to penetrate that force sucking up the thermal energy. We will live on a planet that is ruled by darkness, fear, no electricity to light the streets to walk your new 7-month-old baby. You will have to talk to your wife about how to survive this new existence, and you don’t know how to tell her and your child that you’re not sure how you’ll be able to continue. But you can’t let them know that. You are their rock. You have to provide a grounding force so they will feel secure. But you… you’re not secure in your own skin, and in this perilous world. 

But if show love on Instagram, @rickerandbon, none of that happens. Love y’all.  

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