#212 – Realest Show Fakest Fans

#212 - Realest Show Fakest Fans

We got the best show we’ve ever created for you today because we’ve had the FAKEST FAN award given to a day 1’r. We gave a shirt away! And you missed your chance at getting one for free. Now you have to go to http://adobehouse.live/store and get one for MONEY. You heathen.

It’s the best eppy yet and it’s your boy Colin, the show note-writing rabbit, giving it to you good. I’m going to be honest. I got really faded on Saturday watching the Dodgers game, and so I don’t really remember the episode. I think I was still drunk, and I’m definitely still high right now writing this. I’m a rabbit. 

Ariana Grande searches for the next big sound, The Weekend does his gosh darn thing, and a new Collar John tape. You can listen to it anywhere on streaming and support it at https://collarjohn.bandcamp.com/album/cribtape. Big ups!

Enjoy the show!

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