#211 – We Know Your Secrets

#211 - We Know Your Secrets

Y’all know what and who it is, it’s Colin the show note-writing rabit, and the boys at R&B have a great show for you today, tonight, tomorrow, until they shut us THE FUCK DOWN! 

Ghislaine Maxwell. She diddled Jeffery Epstein and Epstein and her probably diddled underage kids. No bueno, muchachos. She was on trial some four years ago and we got the exclusive rights to her transcript. Spoiler alert: she said no one did anything and any allegations are false. Yeah we get it, Ghislaine, we all lie in court. We’ll see how it plays out.

We also learn about the enterprising drug smuggler, the mind behind Coachella. Is Coachella even a thing anymore with COVID? #SaveOurStages, am I right The Roots Crew?

It’s the best show, y’all. Get your free shirt from http://adobehouse.live/store. You buy at at that link. You want it free? Oh, just go to http://instagram.com/rickerandbon. DM us saying you want a free shirt. You get a free shirt. Crazy. Love you. 

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