#210 – 50 Cent Calls Out Biden’s Tax Plan

#210 - 50 Cent Calls Out Biden's Tax Plan

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You know what it is y’all. It’s your favorite podcast hosted by your favorite pals, giving you the inspiration, comedy, and thought-provoking conversation you need to further your little human flesh spaceship through another day of an existence you didn’t ask for, but are gracious of everyday. All praises due. It’s your favorite show note-writing rabbit, Colin, and we’ve curated literally the best piece of content that has ever been made in the history of this content-making machine.

The boys start things of with 50 Cent, AKA Virgil Cent, and why he posted on Instagram why he’s all-in on Trumpito. And he did it in classic 50 Cent Instagram copywriting, which is always appreciated by me, Colin the show note-writing rabbit. It taxes the hell out of people who make more than 400,000 dollars in the United States. 90% of taxpayers in the U.S. are under that requirement, but for the rest of the 10% of money earners, Biden’s plan would see Californian’s and parts of the Tri-State Area paying over half their wage in taxes. The cats who threw tea in a river wouldn’t like that. 

We also go on another deep dive of financial freedom, as we were on that note of money. Is the middle class of America purposely kept at bay of trying to further their financial wealth in order to keep jobs and companies alive? The guys go into a bit of conspiracy, a bit of pondering about how the citizens of the United States aren’t taught about wealth in their school system, having to sort of stumble upon the topic of leveling up their financial lifestyle. 

And we also got funnies. Funny funnies. 

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