#208 – Ice Cube Loves Trump, Real Estate For Beginners, and Jeff Bezos Rockets

#208 - Ice Cube Loves Trump, Real Estate For Beginners, and Jeff Bezos Rockets

A wonderful, lovely episode for you all today. Hey listen, we’re giving away free stuff. We just launched a shirt at http://adobehouse.live/store and we want you to have it. So much so that if you DM us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rickerandbon, we’ll give you a shirt for FREE. Free dude. You literally have nothing to lose and so much gosh darned prestige to win. 
Anyways. It’s your boy, Colin the show note writing rabbit, and I write because I love to do it, not because I’m paid, and NOT because I’m an indentured servant. Ice Cube was called into the white house by the Trump administration to help iron out some details with the president’s Platinum Deal. The deal is geared toward helping black folks, and as it turns out Ice Cube meets the description. There seemed to be a general uproar about a rapper trying to progress his ideals with a Republican government, and the boys get down to the BOTTOM OF THE TRUTH! THE TRUTH!!
Jeff Bezos has a rocket company that is made for space tourism. SPACE TOURISM! That’s something, alright, and one of the rockets launched or landed or something. R&B get into VERY in-depth, and super free-flowing. That’s our M.O.
And we teach you how to make so much fucking money. So much money. You’ll be rolling in it for three generations until that next plague hits Mars and your grandchildren are dying of the space flu. But until then, we give you a SUPER SPECIFIC STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT INTO BUYING PROPERTIES. So much value. So much value…

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