#207 – Tory Lanez Locked Up, Disney Pivots, and Nipsey Sues Crips LLC

#207 - Tory Lanez Locked Up, Disney Pivots, and Nipsey Sues Crips LLC

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It’s your boy, Colin the show note-writing rabbit, and I’m here because I’m paid fat, and have great benefits. Not against my will. Ricker and Bon hop into another great episode full of great banter, quick thinking, and timely news. Tory Lanez could be looking at close to two decades for shooting ya girl Megan Thee Stallion in the heel. That sounds like quite the liability of Interscope Records. And Tory Lanez’ livelihood. Hey Tory, Bill Cosby seems to be doing alright in there… haven’t heard from him in a while.
Disney is experiencing the worst possible thing that could happen to them. No, not being owned by a racist, anti-Semite. COVID has made their cash baby into a dead baby. Their theme park is getting no money, even with California Governor Gavin Newsome sending out the avengers of government workers to see what’s good over there in Anaheim. (That’s a city in California where Disneyland is, Peter). The CEO Bob Chapek said they had planned on pivoting to focus on their streaming game, but Corona hit that into high gear. They made a new squad to make content and sell it to you heathens.
Nipsey Hussel’s brother is suing the Crips’ holding company for infringement on “The Marathon Continues” trademark that the late rapper had filed. The more intriguing side to all of this is that the Crips have an LLC. That’s very cool. 
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