#205 – How To Make Money In Your Sleep

#205 - How To Make Money In Your Sleep

What the heck is going on y’all, it’s Colin the show note-writing rabbit, and I’m here to give it to you like you need it. THIS is the actual episode 205… CJ…

They guys start off the show with some audience shout outs. Head over to http://instagram.com/rickerandbon to send us a message or voice message to get your name on the best podcast in the history of podcasts. 

We also get into — REALLY INTO — Stevie Wonder. Celebrating his life that, as of the recording of this episode and writing of these notes, is still in full swing. We’ll revisit this episode when he dies… it’s coming… 

And of course we try to break the shackles of wage slavery. We only make a million dollars, US, off this podcast, and that’s NO WAY to live. We go into detail, excruciating detail, about THREE STEPS YOU NEED TO TAKE TO BECOME A TRILLIONARE. Easy, just like that.

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