#204 – Getting Lost In San Diego On Drugs

#204 - Getting Lost In San Diego On Drugs

Yes, it’s not eppy 205. CJDR is a gosh darn BUM who can’t get the episode numbers right. It also wasn’t recorded on a Tuesday. That’s why we need interns. If you’re interested hit us up at http://instagram.com/rickerandbon with your best pickup line. Give us some topics to talk about, be a producer of the show. Stories about your life, your ex, Car Man’s ex… anything to let the guys talk more. 
Colin here, the podcast show note-typing bunny. I’m telling you what’s going down in this episode, one of the best eppies yet might I add, and I’m here to do it in style.  The boys, your friend and mine, go deep into some good old fashion PODDING. NO LINKS. NO NEWS. NO TRUMP. NO BIDEN. Tell us if you like that, or you enjoy hearing some news from time to time. (Again, http://instagram.com/rickerandbon). 
Bon Jenn goes into his day job woes. His boss is mad at him for not getting a piece of video equipment. Is HE to blame? Or is his BOSS?! They also go into sweet tales of San Diego, the homeland of Collar John David Ricker, and how buildings plus drugs equal a very hard look about the self versus the other. Sorry Bon Mom. Which is what I am calling the mother of Bon Jenn. Bon Mom. 
What else… They touch on some of the best TV shows of the 2000s. Hannah Montana. Breaking Bad. The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Is the janitor Cosmo? Maybe. Who knows. Tell us your favorite TV show from the 2000s. If you were too young to experience things in the 2000s, well, that’s okay. Tell us your favorite show. (Again. Leave a voice message at http://instagram.com/rickerandbon).
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