#203 – Spotify Strikes A Deal With DC Comics

#203 - Spotify Strikes A Deal With DC Comics

IT IS ALL ABOUT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY! Sorry. Got ahead of myself. This is the little dog that types the show notes for Ricker and Bon. Can I say, first of all, between you and me, Peter: they do not pay me enough to be writing these exquisite descriptions. They should consider themselves lucky I do this for the craft. We got a spectacular episode for you on this Monday, or whenever you listen to it… it came out on a Monday. Hey, the president of the United States has a pretty deadly virus. I did not add that to the title, maybe I should. We shall see if there are any number differences, we love this. But yeah, Trumpito has COVID-19, all caps. Will he die? Did Biden give it to him? Maybe Obama called up Hillary and told Bush to grab the vile from Epstein Island, who knows?! We do! We are DOCTORS OF JOURNALISM! Also, Spotify signs a deal to scoop up very valuable characters for DC Comic-based shows. Will you see Batman pop up on a RnB episode? Maybe. Become a Patron at http://patreon.com/RickerAndBon. Brought to you by http://AdobeHouse.live. Leave a voice message, http://instagram.com/RickerAndBon

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