50 Amazing Podcast Topics To Make Your Show

 50 Podcast Topics To Make A Podcast

Your podcast could still be a thought building in your mind or a full-fledged operation. Either way, consistently creating podcast topics for your next episode can be difficult. 

If you’re launching a new show you have to think ahead or create your next episode,  strategic podcast planning is a must. This is true for both new podcasts and established brands. Partner with Adobe House on your show if you want our team to walk you through the process or implement strategies for you.

Choosing the right topic is key to making a loyal audience that is addicted to your show. Some podcast topic ideas are good while others just aren’t the right fit for your listeners.

We’re going to help you find exactly what you need. 

Keep reading to discover the best topics and spark more ideas to talk about on your podcast. Scroll to the end of the post to understand the strategy behind choosing topics. Until then:

Here are topics that you can use right now to create a new episode or start your podcast. 

50 Podcast Topic To Make A Podcast

1. Talk About Celebrities 

Fans can go the extra mile just to get updates about their favorite celebrity.

You’d be surprised how many people would love to hear you talk about Justin Bieber every week. 

If you have a podcast dedicated to one celebrity plus a loyal audience, getting the subject of your podcast on the show is easy. Tell them you have thousands of adoring fans and they’d be honored to chat with you.

2. Psychology podcast

So many people are enamored by psychology and if you’re an avid researcher you can share your knowledge with an audience eager to learn

A quarter of American citizens listen to podcasts. These are humans that are affected by psychology every day.

Those who love the subject would enjoy your show.

3. Social Media 

People take for granted how much social media know-how they have compared to others. If you know your way around social media, you have so much value to give to others. 

You can teach influencers or business professionals how to harness social media for their personal brand, business, or startup.

Don’t underestimate yourself. Really think about how much you know, and don’t think everybody already knows.

4. Nutrition or specific diets

There are people who don’t know anything about dieting but really want to learn. You can pick nutrition and diet as a podcast topic and educate people on dieting. 

Once they start seeing results, they will instinctively tell others about the amazing podcast that helped them. Before you know it you start to build a large community on your podcast.

5. Wedding and event planning

Soon-to-be newlyweds have nothing but weddings on their minds. 

Create a wedding prep series that can be listened to like a course. If you’re a wedding planner, this is a great way to market your services or sell an online course as well.

6. Entrepreneurship 

Roughly 30% of millennials have a small business or side gig, and lots of people need help scaling it. 

Telling your story will help others build their business while you grow your own business. Everybody wins.

7. Personal growth.

People who want to develop themselves will continuously look for an edge to do so. Bettering yourself is really addicting. 

Guess what? Your show can be the fix they need help them achieve their goals 

Create a self-help podcast for creatives, psychologists, business owners, CEOs, retirees. 

You know deep down what you do best. There is an army of listeners waiting for you to create a show around it.

8. Branding 

Businesses are seeking content to help build their brands and they’re willing to pay if it’s good. Research how to brand yourself and share your knowledge.

Branding is such a huge part of a successful modern-day digital marketing strategy. Discuss ways to build a diverse marketing plan and brand a business.

9. Retirement 

People in retirement are often looking for a new hobby or just advice on the new phase of life. Make episodes designed to help retired folks find work, navigate finances, or start a new endeavor.

This is a super niche topic, but you’ll have a very loyal audience. 

10. Art

Dissect various kinds of art. Its history, origins, artist biographies, or share different points of view of the same piece of work.

An art podcast is a piece of art in itself!

11. History

Research facts about historical figures or educate listeners on a particular time in history.

You can make it come to life with voice actors and sound effects.

12. Animals and pets

You’re a snake lover or a flying squirrel parent or a parrot trainer. Make a podcast educating owners of unique pets on how to care for their animals with the knowledge you’ve gained over the years.

Or make a podcast for the animals themselves with calming noises or relaxing sounds. Think,  “Calming dog music.” 

13 Medical

Are you a healthcare professional? Consider making a podcast related to your field of expertise. You likely have info people would pay to hear.

You could be building up the next generation of doctors. 

Take calls from listeners to have built-in segments.

14. Cooking

Teach your listeners how to cook food from different cultures, the secrets to certain dishes, how to prepare meals, and other food-related troubleshooting.

Each episode could just be a recipe!

15. Music

You can take this type of podcast in many different directions: music reviews, the best of certain genres, or put a spotlight on more obscure indie artists.

Your music taste is eclectic and there are humans out there that have the same love for that super specific genre just like you do.

16. Travel

Share the best little-known travel spots, what to do when you get there, and personal stories of your own travel adventures. You can also interview listeners on their suggestions and personal travel stories.

17. Health

There’s no shortage of alternative health modalities and plenty of people interested in the topic. 

You can share your own experiences, favorite products, and services, or interview experts in the field.

Think about interviewing other health professionals that could bring value to your audience.

18. Cycling 

You love cycling, so share your trails from the trail! 

Share the best places to cycle, gear recommendations and reviews, or stories of your own cycling adventures.

Maybe even a Peloton podcast to get to know the people on the right hand side. 

19. Investing and finance podcast

Stocks only go up!

Consider helping listeners navigate the complicated waters of personal finance and investing. 

You can also talk about finance as it pertains to specific issues like retirement, remodeling, or other big purchases.

This niche will be great for lucrative advertising. 

20. Writing podcast

Help people become better writers whether they want to write grants, scripts, blogs, or just develop a daily journaling practice.

Read scripts from your community members on the show for audience engagement. 

21. Comedy podcast 

Start a podcast telling different funny stories and jokes. Offer humor from a different perspective.

This topic might seem difficult because it’s somewhat general but remember: you’re the only you. You bring a unique perspective that no one has ever done before. You can do it!

22. Review newspaper stories

You can review newspaper stories. It could be funny headlines, stupid stories, or any type of news.

This is even more niche than general news. Think about all the people that miss newspapers!

Maybe you could even print out your own newspaper to give to fans. 

23. Workouts

Do you teach yoga? Are you a personal trainer? Put your expertise to use with audio-guided exercise sessions that your listeners can fit into their lunch breaks.

Upsell your audience to funnel them into your own subscription.

24. DIY & Creative 

Entertain the do-it-yourself crowd by recording yourself building a table, remodeling a bathroom, or fixing a car. 

Give practical tips for how best to tackle each creative DIY project.

25. Life Hacks 

People love to learn about how to hack their lives. 

Start a podcast teaching productivity tips, tricks for chores, or how to bargain while shopping.

These are super fun to make and give so much value to your audience.

26 Q&A podcast 

Ask your followers to send in topics and questions to answer in your episode! 

Invite your audience to be a part of your show and they’ll grow to be loyal members of your podcast.

27. Habits podcast

Study how habits are formed, give tips on building habits, or even chronicle your journey as you try to build a habit over 30 days.

Start a new habit every month!

28. Fashion/Beauty podcast

Could you talk about hairstyles and necklines all day? Consider a fashion podcast where you document emerging fashion trends or give beauty advice.

29. Gameshow podcast

Channel your inner TV show host and make your own game show with different guests on each episode.

30. Weather

A podcast talking about the weather. Forecast and inform people on how to prepare in extreme weather cases.

If you’re a weather person or a meteorologist, tell the audience about your work. 

This could revolutionize how people get their weather. Think big. 

31. Sex 

Make a podcast discussing sexlife or how to improve intimacy. 

32. Behind the scenes of an industry

Make a podcast that delves into the expert side of something you’re familiar with.

Maybe the publishing industry, the movie industry, or Silicon Valley startups.

33. Documentary

Let The Office be your guide. Do a study of a workplace in your community. 

Interview bosses and employees, take candid recordings, and make a story.

Think about how many people are listening if your whole town tunes in. 

34. A day in the life 

Interview your mail carrier, boss, or friend to learn what a day in their life is like in their particular profession. 

Oddly enough, people love to learn about other people’s work, so this type of podcast could be a quirky hit.

35. Narrative podcast

Are you interested in true crime? Perhaps you want to tell a story whether it’s fact or fiction.

This is your chance to produce a long-form spoken narrative of your own!

36. Relationship podcast

Explore dynamics between spouses, families, or friends. 

Stories will be bound to be told!

37. Inspirational podcast

Inspire people with daily or weekly motivational podcasts. There is so much to be said that will help people throughout their lives.

38. Advice

Make your show like an advice column in a magazine or a hotline radio show.

Interacting with your listeners will keep them invested.

39. Politics podcast

Politics is addicting.

You can add value and information to people’s political addiction with your show.

40. Prank podcast

It’s crude, but it’s classically funny.

Think about making a prank call podcast show. This would be great for video as well.

41. Household Chores

We all do them. It’s a commonality between all people, and you can show people great tips that you’ve picked up!

42. Scripted fiction

You’re now a famous director. Make that book of yours into a podcast or even the other way around!

43. Improv podcast

Whose line is it anyway? Yours!

Create a funny comedy podcast that is made up on the spot!

44. Home improvement podcast

Help people do DIY projects, fix their home up, and learn how to be a master of home improvement!

45. Paranormal phenomenon podcast

Ghosts are fake… or are they? 

Dive into it on your very own ghost podcast!

46. A date night podcast 

Everyone loves hearing about good dates and everyone really loves hearing about bad dates.

Make a podcast that is the go-to dating show.

47. An astrology podcast 

Attract audiences with an astrology podcast. People love learning about their signs and what it might mean for their live.

Maybe you could have daily horoscopes!

48. Human rights podcast 

Discuss fundamental human rights and put a spotlight on certain cases around the world to make a change. 

49. A feminism podcast 

Invite activists to talk about how society can better implement rights for women and how far we’ve come. 

50. A religious perspective podcast

If you’re religious you’ll love to share your faith and fellowship with listeners from all around the world. 


Boom! You just read through 50 podcast ideas that can help you make a podcast in 2022! We’re excited to help you start creating! 


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